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Richard For review argues that GPS, from its beginnings long before that incident, planned to have civilian applications.

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Monday, October 29, Recent and upcoming anniversaries in spaceflight have prompted a number of books examining the history, and future, of space exploration.

Monday, February 19, Review: Monday, December 18, Review: The Planet Factory As astronomers continue to discover new exoplanets, they open new questions about how planets, in our solar system and others, take shape.

Monday, December 18, In the concluding part of his examination of orbital debris and space law, Scott Kerr explores some scenarios for orbital debris incidents in For review, which can lead to conclusions about liability that might defy expectations. Jeff Foust reports on some objections to reusability, as well as a defense of reusability by a key SpaceX executive.

It also, Jeff Foust reports, illustrates how tenuous our hold on space remains, six decades after the beginning of the Space Age. Monday, November 5, A new documentary discusses the invention of GPS, focusing on a Pentagon meeting 45 years ago.

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For review Foust reports that, as scheduled dates for the first test flights approaches, more delays are expected, although then those new dates will be announced is as uncertain as what that new schedule will be. Jeff Foust reviews a book from one of the scientists involved in that work that describes those ups and downs, and how the pursuit of the Nobel Prize negatively influenced that and other research.

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Monday, October 22, Review: Monday, December 18, Is it time for a distinct subfield of economics devoted to space? NASA is current planning development of the Gateway orbiting the Moon to support lunar exploration in the s. Jeff Foust reviews a book that tries to argue for a purely capitalist approach to space exploration, cutting the government out entirely.

Jeff Foust reports on how smallsats may provide a new option for sending missions to the planet. Jeff Foust discusses how this agreement entangles two companies who are cooperating and For review simultaneously.

Monday, February 26, Shadow dancing: Monday, January 15, Review: Chris Carberry and Rick Zucker argue that this need not be in conflict with plans for human missions to Mars, provided the administration is willing to back its policy with sufficient funding.

Monday, December 4, Luxembourg hosted the first NewSpace Europe conference last month, bringing together European startups, investors, and government officials. Future such discussions, argue Frank Rose and Jonathan Ward, should include space cooperation. Jeff Foust reviews a book that discusses the importance of asteroid and comet science, including returning samples, while also addressing the threats and opportunities such objects offer.

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Monday, March 12, Why the Outer Space Treaty remains valid and relevant in the modern world Some wonder if the fifty-year-old Outer Space Treaty is no longer relevant in an era where commercial activities are eclipsing government efforts in space.

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Monday, June 11, Everyone is familiar with gravity, but few understand how this fundamental force works. Jeff Foust reports on a recent conference that discussed some of the vehicles under development and efforts by the British government to support them with funding and regulation.

Jeff Foust reviews a book that examines imagery from space within the context of a history of spaceflight.

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Better prepare yourself for all that is Adult Entertainment. Richard Easton discusses how the event traced the launch of that pioneering satellite to modern-day space programs.Local Sports Potters ready to make second half push.

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LISBON — Columbiana County Auditor Nancy Milliken received her cleanest audit to date. The routine audit of county books by the state auditor’s. judicial review - review by a court of law of actions of a government official or entity or of some other legally appointed person or body or the review by an appellate court of the decision of a trial court.

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